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Grove Dwellers


Longeared Owl

The grove is home to several varieties of raptors: hawks, owls, and the occasional eagle scan the grove and provide a natural means of sustaining the health of the grove by devouring rodents who threaten the integrity of the tree root systems.

Our signature raptor is the long-eared owl patrolling the southern section of the grove. Walks through the grove are occasionally graced by the silent swoop of its 3 foot wingspan gliding overhead.

Jack rabbits appear and speed off before you are aware of their presence. Sometimes they will pause and look directly at you as if to question your entrance into their domain.

Hundreds of wild turkeys find refuge in the branches of the trees. Turkeys assist in maintaining the grove by eating unwanted seeds and insects while providing a natural source of nitrogen as they strut between the rows of olive trees.

MoonShadow Grove lies in the heart of the California Flyway migratory path and is visited by an ever-changing variety of birds. Flocks of waterfowl, pheasants, cranes, and songbirds sweep through during their seasonal transit between warmth and cold. Beyond their song and visual impact, birds add to the grove by turning insects into natural fertilizer.

A most efficient predator, the praying mantis provides excellent biological pest control, devouring any insect it catches. They turn their heads following us as we pass, all the while maintaining their devotional pose, ever ready to pounce on the next unsuspecting bug that crosses their path.