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Grove History

MoonShadow Grove may be the oldest continuously maintained organic grove and is one of the largest of California’s organic olive groves. The current grove was planted by 1935, producing Mission, Manzanillo and Ascolano table olives for years before beginning olive oil production in the 1990’s. California’s Butte County is still a major olive producer in the US.

Butte County and Oroville are the historic center of California’s olive industry. In the early 1900’s Freda Ehmann and her son moved to Oroville after she perfected the curing process for table olives. Her Oroville home built in 1911 is now a museum and national historical site. Freda earned the title “Mother of the California Ripe Olive Industry.”

The grove was owned by the Sadeg Family when it was officially converted to organic in the 1990’s and began production of organic olive oils. Adam Sadeg was an early active member of the California Olive Oil Council, COOC. The Sadegs sold the grove in 1998 to Dr. Roberto Crea who founded CreAgri Inc. and used the organic olives to develop a process of removing poly-phenols from olive milling waste water.

In 2011 the grove was purchased by the Mathews Family. To honor the importance of this early pioneering approach to organic and sustainable farming, the Sadeg name was incorporated into the newly formed holding company, Sadeg Ranch Organic Olives LLC. The MoonShadow Grove label was designed to honor the natural beauty of the old grove and its most dramatic inhabitant, the long eared owl.

In June, 2015 the grove was purchased by Legend Nobel Group who will continue to grow organic olives and will provide MoonShadow Grove olives from the same trees to continue making our olive oil.