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Family Members

Rich Mathews

Summers spent on a family dairy farm and college years in the agricultural heartland of the Midwest led to a lifelong fascination with the plants, animals, and machines involved in food production. Moving to California instilled an appreciation for fresh, organic produce and sustainable management of resources. Years of experience in the highly precise field of semi-conductor design (development and operations) provided a firm belief in attention to detail and quality.

Looking for a venture to combine his interests and skills in a new way, Rich jumped at the opportunity to participate in the rebirth of the artisan olive oil industry in California. Having grown and made award winning olive oil Rich will continue with the producing of the oil. He is also spending spare moments fixing a 1930’s ranch house and turning a 1940’s Dairy Barn into the MoonShadow Grove office and packaging site in Paso Robles, CA.

Diane Mathews

Diane enjoys the open vistas, birds, animals, and plants that are abundantly present on the ranch. She spends her time at the ranch tackling the challenges of bringing a 1930’s ranch house back to life. She is actively involved in the many fruit trees on site in Paso Robles including Goji berries which may be added to our products in the future. She loves visitors and sharing the ranching experience with her children and grandchildren.

Leah & Ray

Leah shares her knowledge of marketing and sales to support the business end of the olive oil process and enjoys spending time in the slow lane as a break from her career in medical technology.

Ray uses his mechanical engineering background by tackling the renovation and repurposing of the equipment and tools on the ranch and provides creative insights into all aspects of our business.

The grandchildren love the wide open areas to play and get dirty while tracking the various animals, both wild and domestic.

Lauren & Jason

One of the San Diego branches of the family; Lauren and Jason make up our top sales team. Lauren also designed and hand-painted custom tasting bowls for each of our four Estate Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils. They have proven to be a great way to keep track of our different oils during private tastings and parties.

Audrey & Dan

The other San Diego branch enjoys visiting the ranch and helping out in the background as often as possible. Audrey is our resident graphic artist. She designed our fabulous labels and website and takes care of all our graphic needs as they appear.

Phil & Jenna

Phil and Jenna supply marketing support from Camarillo.  Jenna also experiments with new recipes using our while Phil also helps the farm with his Mechanical Engineering background.


Our grandchildren, now at 8 of mixes ages, love to visit the farm and help with the chickens and testing the swings in the trees and driving go karts and golf carts.  They have also helped with putting up trellising for our grapes, picking fruit, picking grapes, and keeping Rich and Diane in good humor.